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Individuality and principle of operation

The school offers its pupils a chance to a safe and individual growth in a pleasant and humane learning environment.
The school trains pupils in the acquisition and application of knowledge.
In our teaching we try to take into account the pupils` individual talents.

Emphasis of the activity:
Co-operative skills
Musical and physical education
Education into internationality

School´s operational environment

The town of Loimaa is located in the south-western part of Finland. The distance to Helsinki, our capital city, is about 150 kilometres. The population of Loimaa is c. 14100.
There is some light industry in the town centre, but the area surrounding it is mainly agricultural.
It can be said, that Loimaa is "a school town", since several vocational secondary schools operate here.
Keskuskoulu is a primary school, in which grades from 1st to 6th are taught. There are c. 300 pupils and 20 teachers. In addition, there are 8 people taking care of cooking, cleaning and general maintenance.


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